Letters to Myself (2005-2009)


“Letters to Myself” is part of an ongoing theme in my quest for that which is relevant to maintaining a connection to my life as well as to others. I began these new works by painting letters of a significant word or phrase on the canvas. These letters form the shapes that I then painted over, in and around until the images on the canvases invite participation from the viewer to unearth meaning in the underlying layers.

While all artists are individuals and express themselves in different ways, I think that the
thought processes of an abstract artist are unique. I know I see the world from a very particular point of view. I search for new ways to express my inner personal thoughts and ways to express my reactions to things around me. I am hard to satisfy and constantly look for the new. It is a never-ending search.

Marilyn Rubenstein: What?
56″ x 63″

Marylin Rubenstein: A (black)
A (black)
12″ x 9″

Marilyn Rubenstein: J is for.....
J is for…..
19″ x 48″

Marilyn Rubenstein: V is for.....
V is for…..

Marilyn Rubenstein: Dreams of Dreams
Dreams of Dreams
25 1/2″ x 47 1/2″

Marilyn Rubenstein: Morning Conversation
Morning Conversation
6′ x 9 1/2′

Marilyn Rubenstein: Talk to Me in Paradise
Talk to Me in Paradise
6′ x 12′


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